Denver Preschool Program

Our Results

The Denver Preschool Program is committed to keeping the community informed of our successes, which is why we invest in an annual independent evaluation of our outcomes. Among the many promising findings these evaluations have revealed are:

  • Each year, over 90 percent of children that participate in DPP leave preschool ready for kindergarten – socially, emotionally and academically.
  • These children continue to perform well as they move into their early elementary years. One recent analysis of Denver Public Schools third-graders found that those who had gone through DPP outperformed those who hadn’t on Colorado’s TCAP test of reading proficiency. Similar results were seen on reading assessments administered in kindergarten, first and second grades.
  • English language learners and other children at risk of falling behind in school due to poverty are showing evidence of making progress toward closing the achievement gap by the end of preschool.
  • Since 2007, over $40 million in tuition support has helped more than 25,000 Denver families access the high-quality preschool of their choice.
  • Almost 70 percent of Denver’s 4-year-olds – 6,000 children – enroll in the Denver Preschool Program each year, making it one of the highest-enrolled programs of its kind anywhere in the country – comparing favorably with such state-level programs as Florida (79 percent) and Oklahoma (74 percent).
  • The DPP investment has enabled over 250 preschools across the metro area to be independently rated for quality so that families can choose the best alternative for their child.
  • Since the Denver Preschool Program came into existence, quality reputation has grown to become the number one factor parents are considering while making their preschool choice, outranking such factors as cost and location.
  • More than 90 percent of DPP children now attend top-quality preschools.

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Our Resources

Our annual evaluation is but one means by which we strive to keep the community informed of our progress. Other resources – which can be accessed by clicking the links below – include: