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More funds available for Denver families of 4-year-olds enrolled in preschool in 2017-2018

The Denver Preschool Program (DPP) will increase the tuition support offered to Denver families with a 4-year-old enrolled in any of its affiliated preschool programs by 10 percent beginning with the 2017-2018 school year. Funding is provided by a dedicated 0.15 percent sales tax first approved by Denver voters in 2006 and reauthorized in 2014 to extend to 2026.

“We’re excited to make preschool more affordable for even more Denver families,” Susan Steele, executive director of the Temple Hoyne Buell Foundation and DPP Board Treasurer said. “Not only have we increased support overall, but we’ve also made several updates to our sliding scale to allocate more funds to those who need it most.”

Tuition support is available to all families that reside within the City and County of Denver and have a 4-year-old enrolled in a participating preschool program in the year before kindergarten. The amount of support a family receives is based on the family’s income, the quality rating of the preschool the child attends and the length of day a child attends. Preschools are rated for quality on a scale from one to five, with level five representing the highest quality. Family income is represented in five tiers and is determined by household size and annual earnings.

“Tuition support is a valuable benefit for all families,” Jennifer Landrum, president and CEO of the Denver Preschool Program said. “It increases the likelihood of a family taking advantage of early childhood education opportunities within their local community, which gives their child a chance to learn, grow and ultimately have a brighter future.”

The Denver Preschool Program accepts tuition support applications year-round; however, parents are encouraged to explore their preschool options for next year now using DPP’s Find a Preschool Tool.

Parents can download the DPP tuition credit sign up form here. The 2017-2018 Tuition Credit Calculator can be found here.

Click here for the full press release. 

News Bites - Winter, 2016

Denver Preschool Program - News Bites
Denver Preschool Program - News Bites

Denver Preschool Showcase returns in January

With all of the preschool options parents have to choose from these days, finding the best program for their child can be a challenge. Fortunately, there’s help.

This January, the Denver Preschool Program is hosting its fifth annual Preschool Showcase to connect local families of 3- and 4-year-olds with more than 250 quality-rated preschool providers and tuition support—all under one roof. The next Preschool Showcase will take place on two dates at three locations.

The showcase will also feature free food, family-friendly entertainment, dental screenings, online Preschool Locator demonstrations, on-site Spanish translators and photo opportunities with PBS characters Curious George and Clifford the Big Red Dog.

For more information, or questions, please click here or call 303-595-4377.


January 14, 2017, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

• Dahlia Campus for Health and Well-Being
3401 Eudora St., Denver, CO 80207

• Boys & Girls Club, J. Churchill Owen Branch
3480 W. Kentucky Ave., Denver, CO 80219

January 19, 2017, from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m.

• Quigg Newton Community Center
4440 Navajo St., Denver, CO 80211

Denver votes to continue Denver’s preschool tax increase

During the most recent election Denver voters were asked on Ballot Measure 2A if DPP should retain and spend the .03 percent increase to its original .12 percent sales tax that was originally approved in 2014. We are delighted that voters overwhelmingly voted YES!

Not only does this great news mean that DPP will continue receiving 0.15 percent sales tax through 2026, but that more of Denver’s children will have the resources they need to be prepared for kindergarten and the classroom.

Thank you to everyone who used their voice and their vote to ensure Denver’s investment in early childhood education continues.

Three things to know about Zach Hochstadt

When it comes to gaining support for a cause, Zach Hochstadt knows it’s not just what you say that matters, it’s also how you say it and, of course, who you say it to. As a professional brand strategist and wordsmith, Hochstadt has helped more than 250 nonprofits across the country transform their voice into one of their most valuable assets, including the Denver Preschool Program. Here are three things to know about our most vocal Board Member:

1. He’s passionate about doing good in the world 

Hochstadt is founding partner of Mission Minded, a branding firm that works exclusively with nonprofit organizations like Mile High United Way, the Buell Foundation, the Boettcher Foundation and Children’s Museum of Denver. “We believe that when foundations and nonprofits are better understood about what they do and why they do it, they are more likely to reach their goals,” said Hochstadt.

2. He believes education is the best catalyst for social change

Although he’s always had an interest in education, Hochstadt’s past work with Gary Community Investments and the Piton Foundation deepened it. “That experience reinforced for me the strategic value of investing in early childhood education,” said Hochstadt. “That is, if you want to make a difference on issues like intergenerational poverty…one of the best investments you can make are in education.”

3. He’s an ultimate Frisbee enthusiast

When he’s not finding the right words to say, Hochstadt’s usually on the Ultimate Frisbee field (and even there, he has a reputation amongst his teammates for creative cheering). Hochstadt has played the game for more than 25 years, and even competed in the grand masters division at the 2016 National Championships.

DPP’s Jennifer Landrum and DPS’s Cheryl Caldwell present at Dallas’s National Convening on Early Learning


Jennifer Landrum, DPP’s president and CEO and Cheryl Caldwell, director of early education at Denver Public Schools recently participated in the National Convening on Early Learning held in Dallas.

Hosted by The Boston Consulting Group and The Dallas Foundation, the gathering brought together education leaders across the country to discuss best practices for closing the learning gaps between children with access to high quality early learning and those who do not.

During the Gallery Walk of City “Promising Practices,” Landrum and Caldwell presented DPP as an example of an early childhood education model that has achieved significant impact.

“As one of the few local tax payer-funded preschool programs in the country, we make it a priority to engage other early childhood education leaders to ensure that all children will one day have access to high quality instruction,” said Landrum.

For more information about the Boston Consulting Group, please visit

For more information about The Dallas Foundation, please visit

New year, new website

We’re excited to announce that we’re in the process of building a new website to streamline how we communicate with parents and providers. Our new website will have a refreshed design, improved navigation, and more. Stay tuned.

New preschool studies prove benefits last for years

“Do the benefits of preschool last?” asks policy makers, parents, and researchers in a new NPR article by Elissa Nadworny. According to evidence from recent studies of state-funded preschool programs that looked at 20,000 former preschoolers in Virginia, and nearly 1 million in North Carolina, the answer is yes. Nevertheless, it doesn’t appear the United States is moving closer to rolling out a single universal preschool program. Read more about why early childhood education experts think the future of Pre-K remains at the state level.

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News Bites - Fall, 2016

Denver Preschool Program - News Bites
Denver Preschool Program - News Bites

DPP Earmarks $200,000 in Scholarships for Preschool Professionals

Quality learning requires quality teachers. That’s why we’ve recently partnered with Qualistar Colorado to award more than $200,000 in T.E.A.C.H. Early Childhood® Scholarships to early childhood educators within our network for the first time in our history.

“I never thought I’d make it this far,” Guadalupe Rubio, director of Crayon Academic Learning Center said. “I’m really happy to say that I’ve been working in this field for almost nine years. As a single mom of two, it’s been a challenge, but my struggle makes me feel proud of the person I’ve become.”

Rubio is one of 21 preschool professionals in the first DPP application round who received a T.E.A.C.H. Scholarship, which pays for 90 percent of college tuition and fees beginning this fall toward earning a professional credential, associate or bachelor’s degree in early childhood education. As part of the scholarship award, recipients will become a part of a cohort with other professionals to support their education journey, and receive a financial bonus or raise for completing their coursework and a work commitment at their preschool.

T.E.A.C.H. (Teacher Education and Compensation Helps) Early Childhood® is a national program created in 1993 to help improve the education, retention and pay of early learning professionals. Currently 24 states, including Colorado and the District of Columbia, participate in T.E.A.C.H.

For more information about T.E.A.C.H., visit

Welcome Tricia Nelson

We’re pleased to announce that Tricia Nelson has joined the Denver Preschool Program in July as its new Executive Assistant. Nelson was previously the assistant director at Family Flex Education Center, which is one of our affiliates. She has a bachelor’s degree in development and child psychology in addition to a bachelor’s degree in Spanish studies from the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities. “I am very much looking forward to being part of the team,” said Nelson. You can reach her at or 720.287.5055 ext. 18.

New ad campaign asks, “Want help paying for preschool?”

Did you know early education can cost more than college tuition? To spread the news that financial support is available to all Denver families of 4-year-olds through the Denver Preschool Program, we’ve officially launched a new advertising campaign—just in time for back-to-school.

Conceptualized by Barnhart Communications and D+i Creative, the campaign targets English- and Spanish-speaking parents of preschoolers currently struggling with sticker shock. The campaign also reaches younger families to encourage them to start the search for preschool early so that they can utilize our support when their child is 4.

By reaching parents where they are, we hope to get more children into the classroom when they are preschoolers because the more they know at 4, the more likely they are to thrive later in life. Keep an eye—and ear—out for the ads on social media, Denver radio, local television, your neighborhood bus stop and more.

Three things to know about Anna Jo Haynes 


Education is Anna Jo Haynes’ life. For more than 50 years the Denver-native has successfully worked to advance programs and policies that improve the wellbeing of local children—and she hasn’t slowed down yet. As President Emeritus of Mile High Montessori Early Learning Center, Co-Chair of the Early Childhood Leadership Commission and a Denver Preschool Program Board Member, Haynes continues to fight for Denver’s most vulnerable children. Here are three things to know about the longtime children’s advocate.

1. She ran away from kindergarten—at first
Nearly every time her mother took her to her kindergarten class at Mitchell Elementary School, she’d run back home. “I wasn’t quite ready,” said Haynes, who had to repeat the year. “Fortunately I had a wonderful teacher, Ms. Tracewell. I became her helper and she taught me to be a leader.” She credits the experience with teaching her first-hand how important it is for children to be prepared for school. 

2. Activism is a family affair
While working in the civil rights movement, Haynes’ five children were never far from her side. “I took them everywhere I went, and they were involved,” she said. The early exposure to civic issues inspired one of her children to follow in her footsteps. Haynes’ daughter, Allegra “Happy” Haynes serves on Denver Public School’s Board of Education and is executive director of parks and recreation for the City of Denver.

3. She loves the outdoors…and the Golden State Warriors
Outside of work, Haynes enjoys a dip in the pool, going on hiking expeditions to places like Nepal with Colorado Women Outward Bound and cheering on the Golden State Warriors. Why not the Denver Nuggets you ask? Because “you go where the best is,” says Haynes, but she supports the home team when they are not playing the Warriors.

Sign-Up Socials spread the word about DPP

We say it all the time; preschool is important and we’ll help you pay for it. But word on the street is some parents still haven’t gotten the message. The solution? Sign-Up Socials!

Starting this summer, we’ve been stopping by preschools across Denver to make sure every parent of a 4-year-old knows about the tuition support they’re entitled to receive as local taxpayers. Thus far, 19 providers have scheduled a visit from us this fall.

If you or someone you know would like help with the paperwork to sign up with DPP, contact Tricia Nelson for more information at or 720-287-5505 ext. 18.

Colorado gets kudos from U.S. Education Secretary

Last month, U.S. Education Secretary John King Jr., and Deputy Assistant Secretary Libby Doggett, stopped by Colorado on a national tour to check-in with each of the 20 states that have collectively received more than $1 billion in Race to the Top Early Learning Challenge Grants. King met with nearly 30 local educators across the state, including DPP President and CEO Jennifer Landrum, at a round-table hosted at the Tramway Nonprofit Center to discuss the progress of local programs. Read more about his visit—and the latest efforts to improve access to high-quality early education—at Chalkbeat Colorado.

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News Bites - Summer, 2016

Denver Preschool Program - News Bites
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Denver Preschool Program - News Bites

2015 Annual Report Now Available Online

We’re excited to announce our 2015 Report to the Community is now available on our website. Learn how we’ve been able to invest in innovation and increase access to preschool more than ever before.

In the past year we’ve built deeper community relationships to increase awareness; launched a new quality improvement framework designed to encourage and reward teacher development and foster positive teacher-child interactions; and brought back year-round preschool.

Affordable and high quality preschool is available for more Denver families with 4-year-olds like Liliana’s, Alma’s and Maria’s. Read more about their children’s experiences, how we utilized your tax-dollars, what’s next as we approach our 10-year anniversary, and more by downloading the report here.

A Round of Applause for Outstanding Educators 

On May 26 we gathered at the Washington Park Boat House for our annual Provider Appreciation Event. Though the skies were gray and rain threatened, smiles were bright as we celebrated the hard work and dedication of our preschool teachers, directors and administrators. 

Denver Montessori School, Early Excellence Program of Denver and Brenda Natt, a veteran teacher at Hope Center, Inc., received our annual “ECE” awards for their commitment to providing high quality early childhood education.

Out of more than 250 preschool partners, Denison Montessori School received the Quality Enrichment Award for significantly improving their program quality rating, Early Excellence Program of Denver received the Excellence in Quality Award for consistently adhering to DPP’s Quality Improvement Framework and Natt received the Commitment to Quality Award, which recognizes educators who have reached and consistently maintained the very highest standards of quality in their classrooms.

“Ms. Natt has been with us for 21 years,” said Gerie Grimes, president and CEO of Hope Center. “Not only does she have a wealth of knowledge of working with children from all backgrounds, but she also embraces each child as an individual and shows high respect for their cultural beliefs and values.”

We applaud each and every one of our schools and teachers for their commitment to serving Denver’s youngest generation.

Is there another preschool or preschool teacher you’re proud of? Let us know on Facebook.

How Denver Supports Diverse Classrooms

Check out this story by Eric Gorski of Chalkbeat Colorado about what Denver Public School’s is doing to attract more educators of color in an effort to narrow the district’s race- and income-based achievement gaps. As an organization that believes every child deserves access to the best education opportunities, we support local leaders taking action to advance equality in the classroom. 

Join us in Celebrating Community and Culture


If you or someone you know would like more hands-on information or guidance signing up for tuition support, you’re invited this summer to stop by our booth at any one of the following community events. We’ll have English- and Spanish-speaking representatives available to answer your questions and free books for preschoolers.


 Event Date 
   Denver Housing Authority Homeownership Fair       June 25 
   Our Lady of Guadalupe Church Bazaar      July 9 and 10
   Destination Health in Denver      July 23 
   Clinica Tepeyac Adelante 5K in Stapleton      August 7 
   Kids Choice Health & Wellness Fair in Denver      August 20  

Giraffe’s Can’t Dance…or Can They?

Thank you to everyone who made One Book 4 Colorado 2016 a success! In April the program gave away more than 75,000 copies of Giraffes Can’t Dance by Giles Andreae in English and Spanish to every 4-year-old in the state through Colorado public libraries and Denver Preschool Program classrooms. Now in its fifth year, OB4CO promotes early literacy skills and helps families be their children’s first and most important teacher. DPP is proud to partner with the Lt. Governor’s office and the Colorado State Library for the events.

Four things to know about Mike Yankovich

When he’s not brainstorming interactive exhibits that let kids learn on their own terms as president and CEO of the Children’s Museum Denver at the Marsico Campus, Mike Yankovich serves as the chair of the Denver Preschool Program’s Board of Directors. Here are four things to know about the elementary education major who, despite his accomplishments, describes himself as “a kid at heart from Ohio who grew up with plenty of struggles and learning challenges in school"

1. His museum career began in his grandfather’s basement
As a hyperactive child, Yankovich struggled to learn in the classroom, yet thrived in unexpected places. “My grandfather had a cool basement with lots of tools and provided me the opportunity to take things apart, hike along railroad tracks and explore the world,” he said. He credits that experience with sparking his desire to help other children with attention-problems find their focus through informal learning environments.

2. He thinks Denver is the place for productivity
Of all the places he’s lived, what makes Yankovich especially fond of Denver is the spirit collaboration. “The invitation to make things happen that’s bigger than ourselves is pretty spectacular here. You can meet with anyone, have conversations and quickly make things happen.”

3. He has a “notoriously unreliable” 1978 Volkswagen bus
When he’s not in the office, Yankovich enjoys running, hiking, camping, and exploring Colorado in the vintage vehicle.

4. He believes children can save the world
“If we equip children in the right way with empathy, resiliency, creativity, and a good education, they will solve a lot of the seemingly unsolvable issues that we’re struggling with today and that makes me incredibly optimistic.”

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DPP Increases Tuition Support by 10 Percent for the 2016-2017 School Year

DPP Applications for Tuition Support are Now Available for Parents

The Denver Preschool Program’s (DPP) Board of Directors voted to increase its tuition credit scale by 10 percent for the 2016-2017 school year, making preschool more affordable for families living in Denver. Since 2014, when voters reauthorized the dedicated preschool sales tax, DPP has increased tuition credit rates by more than 15 percent.

“The typical student receiving DPP tuition support comes from a tier 2 family (eligible for free and reduced-price lunch) attending a level 3 quality preschool for a full day,” said Jennifer Landrum, president and CEO of DPP. “Families fitting this profile receive $431 a month in tuition support.”

The quality scale provides an incentive for participating preschools to achieve the highest quality rating and for families to choose higher quality programs. There are more than 250 participating preschools based in the Denver community, including 89 preschools in Denver Public Schools.

“The Denver Preschool Program is working to keep its promise to voters and parents to help with the rising cost of high quality preschool and the demand for extended-day services,” Landrum continued. “Thanks to the ongoing support of Denver taxpayers, we have been able to restore funding for the summer months and increase tuition credit rates each of the past two school years.”

Parents can download the DPP tuition credit application here

Click here to use the 2016-2017 Tuition Credit Calculator. 

For the full press release click here

DPP Provides Tuition Support for Summer Preschool for Second Year, Making Year-round Preschool Funding Available to Denver Families

ACT NOW to enroll and apply for summer tuition support, space for summer preschool is limited. Denver children enrolled in participating DPP programs are eligible for funding.

The Denver Preschool Program (DPP) has extended tuition support through the summer months (June through August) for children enrolled at any of DPP’s quality-rated, community-based preschool programs within the City and County of Denver who will be attending kindergarten this fall. This is the second consecutive year this opportunity has been made available due to Denver voter’s approval in 2014 to increase DPP funding through Denver’s dedicated sales tax.

“We’re elated to be able to offer preschool tuition support on a year-round basis. There are many benefits for Denver’s children to continue preschool in the summer months leading up to starting kindergarten in the fall,” said Jennifer Landrum, president and CEO of DPP. “Preschool programs not only increase a child’s cognitive, social and emotional development, but also help them build confidence and experience a classroom environment, which will ease their transition into kindergarten.”

Summer preschool funding is available to parents of Denver children who are currently enrolled in DPP, as well as to children who are not currently enrolled in a DPP preschool, but plan to attend kindergarten in the fall.

Accessing Summer Tuition Support

Parents interested in enrolling their children in a summer program should contact their current preschool provider or call 303-595-4DPP. Please note that Denver Public Schools is not open in the summer; therefore, DPP funding cannot be applied.  Children attending a DPS preschool can enroll in a community-based site for the summer and use their DPP funding. Since space is limited in preschools during the summer parents are encouraged to act quickly. More information about the Denver Preschool Program and its participating preschools is available at

Click here for the full press release.

To learn more, visit our summer funding page by clicking here

News Bites - Fall, 2015

Denver Preschool Program - News Bites
Denver Preschool Program - News Bites

Funding Quality Preschool – Then & Now

The Denver Preschool Program is proud to share its 2014 accomplishments with you through our 2014 Report to the Community, The report highlights the growth and transitions DPP has made from its inception in 2006 to its renewal in 2014. 

We saw the culmination of the initial phase of the organization, from 2006 through 2014, during which the foundation for supporting a young child’s educational journey through Denver’s dedicated preschool sales tax was laid. What started as a vision to see every Denver 4-year-old attending a quality preschool evolved into a sustainable national model for others to emulate. Thanks to the community’s support and recognition of the value of preschool, the Denver Preschool Program’s dedicated sales tax was renewed through 2026 by voters in the November 2014 election. This demonstration of confidence enables us to look toward our future, and that of Denver’s children, with great promise.

As we look ahead, we’ll be evolving our efforts from program start-up to ongoing improvements in the classroom experience. We’re excited about what’s possible, and see a bright future for the Denver Preschool Program’s next 12 years.

2014 Denver Preschool Program Annual Report

Denver Preschool Program – Preschool Forum

This coming January the Denver Preschool Program is introducing a Forum where our preschool program directors and teachers can gather together for a deeper professional development experience than at a typical one-time training. Each school year, DPP will offer a multi-part lecture series that will explore a single theme through multiple perspectives.

The theme for 2016 is Creating Early Learning Environments for All Children and will be led by two leaders in the early learning field as speakers for our first Forum, Rosemarie Allen and Luis Hernandez.

The theme for 2016 is Creating Early Learning Environments for All Children and will be led by two leaders in the early learning field as speakers for our first Forum, Rosemarie Allen and Luis Hernandez.

Rosemarie Allen, a nationally known expert in the field of equity in disciplinary practices will be leading the first two trainings in the Denver Preschool Forum and will focus on activities that assist teachers in identifying hidden and unconscious biases, interactive strategies that help reduce biases, and reflection techniques that are critical for self-assessment, development, and growth. These exercises will be engaging, meaningful, and readily applied to classroom settings. The series will close with a lecture by the dynamic speaker, Luis Hernandez, whose expertise includes early literacy, dual language learning, adult learning practices, changing demographics and diversity.

Facing the Disparities in Discipline in Early Childhood Settings

By Rosemarie Allen

In March 2014, the United States Department of Education released a report that showed nearly 5,000 preschoolers were suspended at least once and of those, nearly 2,500 were suspended a second time. This news came as a shock to most people. Questions such as, “How can you suspend a 3-year-old?” “What can a preschooler possibly do to get suspended?” were being asked across the nation. Many were further surprised when the data revealed disparities between those who were suspended and those, while committing the same offences, were allowed to remain in school. The report showed that boys were suspended much more often than girls and children of color were up to three times more likely to be suspended, even though they made up a much smaller percent of the preschool population. It is important to examine the reasons so many young children are being suspended and the factors that are causing such disparities.

It is my belief that teachers enter the field because they have a deep and abiding affection for young children and a desire to enhance their growth and development. However, when children are engaged in persistent behaviors that preschool teachers find difficult to manage, they are often removed from the classroom. Early childhood teachers often experience powerlessness when working with young children they describe as defiant or oppositional. When children perceive the teacher is emotionally upset, they are less likely to cooperate and comply with the teacher’s requests. Noncompliance of preschool children has been noted as one of the most common reasons for suspensions and expulsions from preschool.

Studies show that one of the prime factors that lead to disparities in discipline is implicit bias. Implicit bias is defined as unconscious beliefs and stereotypes that are triggered unknowingly and without intention. These biases impact interactions, behaviors, and feelings towards children in ways that are sometimes unconscious and unknown to teachers. There is evidence that disparities in discipline are impacted by teachers’ responses to perceived behaviors that are based on stereotypes and implicit bias. Teachers who unknowingly view boys and children of color as dangerous and difficult to control are more likely to use punitive disciplinary measures such as suspensions and expulsions.

Training on implicit bias that includes awareness, identification, and reduction strategies has been proven effective in decreasing suspensions and disparities in disciplinary practices. DPP is committed to Ensuring every teacher is provided the tools needed to ensure the success of all children and has developed a training series related to this critical to addressing this pressing issue. The first two trainings in the series are focused on activities that assist teachers in identifying hidden and unconscious biases, interactive strategies that help reduce biases, and reflection techniques that are critical for self-assessment, development, and growth.

The DPP Preschool Showcase returns on Saturday, January 9, 2016! This year's event will take place at TWO locations in the city:

Green Valley Ranch Recreation Center - 4890 Argonne Way, Denver

The Studios at Overland Crossing - 2205 S. Delaware St, Denver

Presented by the Denver Preschool Program, the DPP Preschool Showcase is an annual event that provides families of preschoolers a fun and convenient way to explore the more than 250 preschool options available to them through the Denver Preschool Program. This is a great way for the Denver Preschool Program schools to talk with families one-on-one. It's fun, free and offers families preschool information, kid-friendly activities, and lots of early childhood resources at two unique locations in the city. Click here to download the Showcase flyer, or here to visit our website to learn more.

DPP Joins CDOT and Denver Health in Car Seat Safety Partnership

In response to the overwhelming need for child car seats—particularly by Denver’s low-income, inner-city families—the Colorado Department of Transportation and Denver Health have been conducting car seat fitting stations at two neighborhood health clinics since 2012. The Denver Preschool Program recently joined this strategic partnership, providing families receiving new car seats with books and soccer balls for kids, along with DPP enrollment information for parents, all packaged in a reusable DPP lunch box.

“Motor vehicle crashes remain the leading cause of death in children ages 4 and older and still cause serious injury among children of all ages,” states Richard Castro, Denver Health Clinic Administrator. “There’s no doubt that this program saves lives. We’re very pleased to have the Denver Preschool Program on board with us”.

Parents can schedule a car seat inspection of their current car seats through Denver Health’s Eastside and Montbello clinics. The Lowry clinic will begin serving families within the next few months.

Certified technicians conduct seat inspections monthly, replacing dated or damaged seats with new ones. The technicians also provide proper sizing and installation of the new seats as well as safety information for parents.
“It’s an honor for us to support this team of community partners in providing an incredible service to our families in need. And, it’s such a perfect opportunity for us to reach families about the importance of preschool as well as let them know about the tuition support available through DPP,” adds Jennifer Landrum, DPP’s President and CEO.

Did you play well with others in preschool?

If you haven’t walked into a preschool classroom lately, you may not realize that it looks a lot like the modern work world, according to David Deming, associate professor of education and economics at Harvard University. In The Upshot section of the New York Times, Deming shares information from his study on “The Growing Importance of Social Skills in the Labor Market.” Social skills learned at preschool, such as sharing and caring, translate later in life into cooperation and negotiation—skills that are crucial in attaining the occupations showing consistent wage growth over the last two decades. Bottom line – playing well with others in preschool can result in future success at work! Click here for the full story.

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News Bites - Summer, 2015

Denver Preschool Program - News Bites
Denver Preschool Program - News Bites

DPP Launches Year-Round Student Enrollment Campaign

The successful voter approval for continued program funding in 2014 allows the Denver Preschool Program to actively shift its attention to increasing student enrollment.

Anchored in demographic data compiled and presented by Denver’s Office of Children’s Affairs, an integrated, highly targeted campaign is being implemented to reach Denver parents of preschool-aged children.

“The valuable census data compiled by the City allows us to focus our parent outreach efforts on areas of Denver where we have the highest concentration of children under the age of 5,” states Jennifer Landrum, DPP President and CEO. “This information results in a very neighborhood-focused awareness program that meets parents where they live, work, worship and play.”

Parent messaging and communications tools will be fine-tuned as the results of DPP’s Parent and Provider focus groups—currently being conducted in various quadrants of the City—are reported in the fall. “We expect these sessions to help us get much closer to determining what works for effectively communicating with these two incredibly important target audiences,” adds Landrum. “The critical feedback we receive will be incorporated into our enrollment campaign as we continue it into 2016”.

Denver Preschool Program Brings Back Summer Tuition Support

Denver children entering kindergarten this year are now able to attend preschool at any of the DPP’s quality-rated community-based preschool programs this summer. The summer tuition support launched in June as a result of increased funding approved by voters in last November’s election. To date, more than 120 preschools are providing summer preschool and over 1,200 children taking advantage of the funding during June, July and August.

Attending preschool during the summer months helps children stay engaged in learning activities to be ready to hit the ground running in kindergarten. Mayor Michael B. Hancock supports the addition of summer to DPP’s programing saying “This program expansion provides working parents with the ability to continue their daily schedules during the summer months and receive help with covering the rising costs of a preschool education.”

“Data spanning 100 years shows that students typically score lower on standardized tests at the end of summer vacation than they do on the same tests at the beginning of the summer,” adds Jennifer Landrum, DPP President and CEO. “Providing our city’s pre-kindergarten children with a quality summer learning experience further supports our promise to ensure every child in Denver is kindergarten ready.”

RFP Release - Denver Preschool Program - Quality Improvement

The Denver Preschool Program (DPP) is soliciting professional services for one or more qualified organizations to manage its Quality Improvement (QI) Framework. DPP annually invests approximately 10 percent of its budget for quality improvement investments in participating preschools to promote DPP students’ growth, learning and school readiness preparation.

Click here to download the request.
Final RFP Due: August 11, 2015 at 5:00 p.m. MT
E-mail all inquiries to: Chris Miller, Director of Quality Initiatives, at

DPP Community Outreach Sizzles in the Summer

While summer months may be the start of some downtime for many, that is certainly not the case for the staff and outreach workers of the Denver Preschool Program.
Just since May, DPP has reached out to more than 30,000 local residents through our participation in more than a dozen Denver-based events, with several more slated through August including a number of events taking place as part of the annual Denver Days festivities.

Juneteenth Music Festival and Parade – On June 20 DPP, along with student alumnae and family, marched through Denver’s historic Five Points neighborhood in celebration of African-American freedom and achievement.

Park Hill 4th of July Parade – In celebration of our country’s independence, DPP families and student alumnae marched in this local neighborhood parade distributing DPP brochures and fun giveaways to spectators along the parade route.

Our Lady of Guadalupe Bazaar – DPP was on-hand with a resource booth July 11 and 12 at this popular church bazaar to answer questions about preschool and disseminate information – including some free bilingual preschool books - to children.

Strong Families, Strong Communities 5K Block Party – On August 1, Families Forward Resource Center in conjunction with Denver Days and in partnership with the Regional Activities and Athletics Program, will host a 5K walk/run followed by a community block party for the greater Montbello and Green Valley Ranch communities. DPP will be present at this event with a resource table and fun giveaways for the kids.

Fiesta Cookout – Scheduled August 22 and free to the community, the Fiesta Cookout is the trademark event of Servicios de la Raza and designed to engage the community with culture, entertainment and food. DPP is a sponsor of this event and will be there to promote the benefits of preschool as well as our program. 

In addition to these highlighted events, DPP also had a presence at Clinica Tepeyac’s Adelente Mujer 5K, Li’l Teeth Health Fair and the DHA Home Ownership Fair in May, Walk for Whittier in June and Destination Health in July.

For more information on where you can catch the DPP Outreach Team in action, please visit our Facebook page at

Testing Reading Skills before Reading Begins – A Story of Science Fiction or Our Future?

In a NPR’s Morning Edition, Cory Turner released a study done by a neurobiology team at Northwestern University that discovered a way to predict kids' literacy skill long before they're old enough to begin reading. Reading begins not with our eyes but with our ears, as we hear and catalog speech sounds. Click here for the full story.

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News Bites - April, 2015

Denver Preschool Program - News Bites
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Denver Preschool Program - News Bites

Welcome David Collins, DPP’s new Director of Operations

The Denver Preschool Program is proud to welcome David Collins as the new Director of Operations beginning Monday, May 11. As the Director of Operations, David will oversee the program’s financial and operational procedures, manage customer service, enrollment and billing processes, as well as oversee DPP program operations and child outcome evaluation efforts, and DPP’s quality assurance program.

Most recently, David was the Director of the Division of Early Care and Learning within the Office of Early Childhood at the Colorado Department of Human Services. In this role he was responsible for the administration of child care licensing for the state. He was also the State Administrator for the Child Care Development Block Grant that funds the Colorado Child Care Assistance Program (CCCAP). Prior to becoming the division director he spent two years as Associate Director of the Division, responsible for implementation of child care rules, legislative matters, acting as the Hague International Adoption Administrator and supervising the 24-hour licensing unit.
David worked in a variety of child care settings in the 1990s, including a drop in child care center, a residential group home for incarcerated youth, and an after school program as an AmeriCorps National Service member.

David holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology from the University of California, Santa Cruz, a Juris Doctorate degree from Howard University School of Law, with a focus on administrative law, and a Master of Laws degree from the University of Denver, Sturm College of Law with an emphasis on environmental law. From 2004-2010, David was a practicing attorney, both as a criminal prosecutor and an immigration removal defense attorney.

Please join us in welcoming David to the DPP team!

Now Making Preschool Possible Throughout the Summer

Last month the Denver Preschool Program announced that beginning June 1, 2015, tuition support will be available through the summer to preschool students attending DPP programs open during the summer months.

There are multiple ways Denver preschoolers and their families can access summer tuition support:

  • Students enrolled in DPP and currently attending a community-based DPP preschool program open during the summer will receive no interruption in tuition support payments made to their programs on their behalf.
  • Students enrolled in DPP and attending a Denver Public Schools preschool, which are closed during the summer months, who transfer to a community-based school for the summer need only to let their new school know they are a DPP-enrolled student. It is up to the school to inform our enrollment team of the transfer by calling 303.595.4DPP(377).
  • Students who have not yet enrolled in DPP and are entering kindergarten this fall can still take advantage of Denver Preschool Program tuition support by enrolling in DPP today.
  • We’ve updated our Find a Preschool Tool to help families search through their available options for the summer months. 

2015 One Book 4 Colorado – A Resounding Success

From the Governor and Lt. Governor kicking off the project, to illustrator Mark Teague joining us for a two-day book tour and all the wonderful councilmembers and local celebrities reading to 4-year-olds across Denver, we are proud to say that the 2015 One Book 4 Colorado was a great success.

From April 13 to 27 the statewide book club for children that focuses on the importance of adults reading with young children provided more than 75,000 copies of How Do Dinosaurs Get Well Soon? to 4-year-olds across the state. 

Rocky Mountain Early Childhood Conference

More than 2,300 early childhood professionals and 300 presenters gathered together for the fourth annual Rocky Mountain Early Childhood Conference earlier this month to learn, share, and network around the many challenges and facets of early childhood education. Together with our partners the Colorado Association for the Education of Young Children and Early Childhood Education Association of Colorado we are proud to say this was the largest conference yet. Thank you to all our preschools, sponsors, workshop presenters and community leaders who joined us for the two day event. This conference could not be successful without you! 

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Now Making Preschool Possible Through the Summer

Denver Preschool Program - News Bites

Denver Preschool Program Tuition Support Available This Summer Beginning June 1 

Spring is here and it’s time to think about what your preschooler might do this summer. The Denver Preschool Program is excited to announce that beginning June 1, 2015, tuition support will be available through the summer to preschool students attending DPP programs open during the summer months. 

  • Students enrolled in DPP and currently attending a community-based DPP preschool program open during the summer will receive no interruption in tuition support payments made to their programs on their behalf.
  • Students enrolled in DPP and attending a Denver Public Schools preschool, which are closed during the summer months, who transfer to a community-based school for the summer need only to let their new school know they are a DPP-enrolled student.
  • Students who have not yet enrolled in DPP and are entering kindergarten this fall can still take advantage of Denver Preschool Program tuition support by enrolling today through or calling 303.595.4DPP (4377).
 Click here to explore all eligible schools. 

“This is an incredible opportunity for our children to stay engaged in learning activities during the summer and be ready to hit the ground running for kindergarten,” Mayor Michael B. Hancock

For more information talk with your school or visit 
Ensuring children have access to preschool during the summer helps prevent the summer slide and ensures they are ready for kindergarten in the fall. It is one more step toward closing the opportunity gap and creating a strong and vibrant community.

The summer program funding support is the result of Denver voters’ approval of increased funding for DPP through a dedicated sales tax increase last November.

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