How We Calculate Your Tuition Credit

How We Calculate Your Tuition Credit

The Denver Preschool Program makes preschool possible for all Denver families with a 4-year-old through tuition credits and access to information.

Tuition credits are taxpayer funds set aside by the City and County of Denver to pay part or all of a child’s tuition at a participating preschool program

To ensure families with the greatest need are able to afford the highest quality early education, tuition credits are distributed on a sliding scale. The sliding scale is based on household income, household size, the length of day a child attends preschool and the quality rating of the program the child is enrolled in.

Once the tuition credit is determined, the Denver Preschool Program pays funds directly to the provider on behalf of the child on a monthly basis. If the tuition credit does not cover the full cost of attendance, the parent/guardian is responsible for paying the remainder.

Tuition credits are for tuition only. The Denver Preschool Program does not fund additional expenses such as food, transportation or classroom supplies.